DCAF in the news

Happy new year!  We’ve gotten a little press and blog coverage over the last few weeks, so here’s a brief round-up in case you missed it:

  • Frances Kissling of RHRealityCheck named DCAF president Tiffany Reed and longtime board member Alexis Zepeda as pro-choice heroines of 2010 for the years they’ve dedicated to launching and running DCAF.
  • The American Prospect quoted Tiffany in an article on how the new, more conservative Congress will affect DC politics and residents on issues including DC Medicaid coverage of abortion and US congressional representation.
  • Progressive catering company Grassroots Gourmet donated a batch of cookies for our holiday party in December, and gave us a nice shout-out in their blog post about holiday giving.

Here’s hoping the new year brings DC Medicaid payouts for abortion coverage and the end of the Hyde Amendment!