Surprise, Surprise: HR3 Does Wrong By DC

Since returning to work this session, the new House of Representatives leadership has made clear attempts at gutting already-limited access to abortion and health care for women, including a vote to repeal the health care reform law passed last year.

Next up on the agenda is House Resolution 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”,  which claims to codify current (unfair) law regarding restrictions on public funding for abortion. Unsurprisingly, the Act actually oversteps current laws quite a bit while at the same time levying unfair taxes on families, small businesses, and others.

And here’s the kicker! As discussed over at DCist, this most recent attempt by the House is not only a gross attempt at eliminating access to abortion care for women. It also singles out our home: the bill includes the District’s locally-raised tax revenues in the prohibition on federal taxpayer dollars funding abortion care. As DCist rightly notes, “This is a restriction that Congress couldn’t easily make on any state, but given our status as the legislative body’s favorite colony, can be imposed on the District without any real consequences.”

For us pro-choice Washingtonians, this adds real insult to injury.

For more information on HR 3, be sure to check out DCAF Board Member Jessica Arons’ post about the bill over atRH Reality Check.