URGENT: DC Medicaid Abortion Funding Ends At Midnight

Tonight we received an urgent call from a partner clinic to notify us that DC Medicaid is ending it’s coverage of abortions at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

The clinic had to call 28 women who are scheduled tomorrow and bringing their DC Medicaid as payment that they need to fundraise for the total cost of their procedure by their appointment tomorrow because Medicaid will no longer cover the cost of their abortion.

These women are devastated. We need your support NOW.

The clinic has asked if the DC Abortion Fund could pay for a percentage of the cost of all 28 abortions scheduled tomorrow slated to be covered by DC Medicaid, all of which cost several hundreds of dollars.

We never want to turn a single woman away – and now these 28 women need us.

They need YOU. Please help DCAF pay for these abortions by giving an emergency contribution RIGHT NOW. Your contribution will go DIRECTLY to help pay for abortions that DC Medicaid will no longer cover.

The 28 women have only a few short hours to fundraise for their procedures tomorrow, because for many of them the total cost will be out of reach. Please make an emergency gift right now and please forward this email to anyone you know who supports women. This is an URGENT plea to the pro-choice community for help.