House FY12 spending bill has DC abortion ban

The US House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government will mark up the FY’12 appropriations bill [PDF] today to regulate District of Columbia funding.  One important choice-related issue is included in this legislation: the D.C. abortion ban prohibiting federal and local funds from being used to pay for abortions.

As you all know, earlier this year, anti-abortion members of Congress reimposed the D.C. abortion ban through the FY’11 budget.  This came after a two-year period in which the District was free from abortion-funding restrictions.  DC Medicaid finally began covering abortion services between February and April of this year,  and in that short time paid out $62,000 for abortions for low-income women and girls.

Yesterday morning we learned anti-choice members have included the D.C. abortion ban in their funding bill once again.  Not only is this policy dangerous for women but it also usurps the District’s own local governance, undermines the city’s self-rule, and makes a mockery of the democratic process in the nation’s capital.

We know the need in DC for abortion funding assistance is higher than ever.  As long as Congress refuses to serve low-income women, DCAF will.  Please donate today to support our work ensuring all women in our community have access to abortions.  Women across the DC area are counting on us, and with your help we can make an immediate difference in their lives.

The committee markup is scheduled for today at 11am in Room H-140 of the US Capitol building.