20 easy ways to raise $1000: Part 1

Abortion fund activists need to be shameless about asking for money.  Occupational hazard.  This is a skill not everybody is born with, but it can be learned.  Moreover, it can be fun!

If you want to make an immediate difference in the lives of women and girls in our community, you can support DCAF’s work by raising money for patient grants.  Here is the first in a 2-part post series on how to raise a ton of money, without even really trying.

So here it is: 20 Easy Ways to Raise $1000, Part I
Adapted from the National Network of Abortion Funds Bowl-a-Thon Hot Tips
1.    Give it yourself!  (ok, maybe that’s not so fun)
2.    Have a garage sale – go through your junk and your friends’ junk and sell it all for DCAF.
3.    Have a dinner party – charge your friends $20-30 for a fabulous dinner at your house. Cook something gourmet or unusual. Charge for drinks too!
4.    Get three friends to host a progressive dinner – Start at one person’s house for cocktails and hor d’oeuvres, go to the next house for dinner and the third house for dessert. Charge by the course or for the whole package.
5.    Host a house party – invite folks over to your house (or a friend’s house) for light snacks and invite DCAF to give a presentation and ask for a donation
6.    Ask five people to give you all their pocket change for a month, save yours and pool it together.
7.    Organize a cake walk, bake sale, or lemonade/margarita stand.
8.    Tell your friends and family that instead of birthday and/or holiday gifts, you want them to donate to DCAF.
9.    Lead a hiking, rafting, nature walk, historic tour, mushroom hunt – charge people $15-25 to participate ($30-40 if you provide lunch); advertise in the local paper and around town.
10.    Start a pyramid scheme – invite 5 people to dinner and charge them $5 each. Then ask 2 of them to host a two more dinners and invite 5 more people… and so on…
Your dinner…..$25
from that dinner…$50
from those dinners…$100

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