Donate to DCAF, not crisis pregnancy centers

Not to state the obvious or anything. So here’s what’s up.

DCAF is excited to participate in Razoo’s Greater Washington Give to the Max Day on Wednesday, November 9th. The idea is to help DC area nonprofits raise $3 million in one day, which is awesome.  So we’ve set up a cute fundraising page to try to raise $1000, which you should check out, share with friends, and use to make an online donation to DCAF.  Just sayin’.

We have 2 objectives for this fundraiser:

  1. Raise $1000, and
  2. Raise way more money than the crisis pregnancy centers participating in the giving campaign.

A DC-area CPC has already raised $535 through their Razoo fundraising pages.  We think this is dumb, and we can do better.  So let’s show those CPCs who’s boss.  Not like that is really in question, but we want to send a message, loud and clear, that DC IS PROCHOICE.

Please set up a fundraising team page on the Razoo website, and start a fundraising campaign for DCAF.  It’s free and super easy to use.  Recruit some friends, coworkers, interns, exes, and/or strangers to join your team.  Set a fundraising goal, ask a few people to donate to your DCAF fundraiser, and make it fun.

If you don’t have time to spearhead an online fundraiser, it’s cool.  Just donate to DCAF’s Give to the Max online fundraising page, and that is awesome too.  Anything you can spare, even just $10, will help.

‘Tis the season to spread the wealth – the folks occupying McPherson Square would agree.  Your donations will have a direct, immediate impact on the lives of women and girls in DC, so please help us serve as many patients as we can by raising a few bucks for DCAF.  Thank you so much for your support – this organization depends on activists like you.  Happy fundraising!

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