Give to the Max for DCAF: Three reasons

You know you want to

There are hundreds of great organizations participating in Razoo’s Greater Washington Give to the Max day of charitable giving today, November 9.  Here is why we hope you will donate to DC Abortion Fund through Give to the Max today.

1) We are a single-issue, small nonprofit. We give small grants to women and girls who can’t pay for the full cost of an abortion.  Almost all of our resources go directly toward operating our free, confidential funding assistance helpline, which is open 7 days a week.

2) We are an all-volunteer, grassroots organization. We have no office or paid staff.  We ask pro-choice artists, vendors, and organizations to donate their time and resources to DCAF, and they come through for us each year. This means we have low overhead and your donation will reach the women who need it most.

3) A little donation goes a long way. We pledge an average of $165 per patient toward her abortion. We won’t solve all of her problems, but this is one burden we can lift from her shoulders.  Learn more about 3 of our patients here.

What are your reasons for donating to DCAF?  Follow us on Twitter @dcabortionfund and tell us what DCAF means to you.  This organization exists because activists like you are making it possible. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and well wishes.