Urgent: DCAF patient needs $3,750

We need your help. A woman named Malia* called DC Abortion Fund’s free, confidential talkline yesterday to ask if we could help pay for her procedure.

Malia just received devastating news. She faces a severe fetal abnormality and the fetus’s brain has not completely developed. She made the difficult decision to terminate this wanted pregnancy on her doctor’s recommendation.

She and her partner have an appointment at a local clinic. Because of the severity of the abnormality and the complexity of the procedure, her abortion will cost $14,500. Will you donate $25 today so Malia can receive the care she needs?

Malia’s Medicaid will not cover the costs of the procedure. Even though she is unemployed, Malia has raised an incredible $10,750 by borrowing from friends and family. But she is still short of the full price.

If DCAF can provide the remaining $3,750, she will keep her appointment.

Our average grant is $163 per patient. Our case managers are skilled volunteers that work within the weekly and per-patient budgets that we give to them. But you know as well as we do that there are always exceptions in this line of work. As a board, we usually handle exceptions internally. But for Malia’s case, we are going to need help to increase our pledge for Malia with such a short turnaround.

Anything you can give, even just $5, will make an enormous difference for her. I know that if we pull together as a community, we can get her seen this week. Please donate today and forward this e-mail to a friend.

Thank you so much for your support. You are what makes choice a reality for women in need across the D.C. metropolitan region, and we cannot do this without you.

*Name changed