DCAF Releases 2012 Annual Report

The DC Abortion Fund Board of Directors is proud to release our Annual Report for FY2012!

Amid our ongoing sprint to keep up with the rising demand we face each day, DCAF took a step back to assess where we’ve been and how we’re doing. We often come to you with fundraising requests, so we’re excited to share with you some more info about what we’re up to! In the pages of the annual report, you’ll find lots of information about our day-to-day goings-on, like…

Who do we serve?  What are their stories?  How old are they?
What is our budget? Where does it come from?
How great is the community need?

The new annual report will answer those questions and more for you, so be sure to check it out today!

A few key highlights from the report:

  • 2,516 women and girls called the DCAF helpline – averaging 210 calls per month. Our call volume has more than QUADRUPLED since FY 2007.
  • DCAF case managers gave an average grant of $221 per patient.
  • DCAF pledged $139,099 to women in need and disbursed $102,132. For the first time in our history, we’ve given out over $100,000 to make choice a reality in our community! 

We are so grateful for the support of our donors, volunteers, and pro-choice community as we continue to do this critical work.