We Are DC and We Need Your Photos!

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with some great organizations working on issues that matter a lot to us, like reproductive justice and District autonomy, to launch a great new campaign: We Are DC.

And we need your photos!

If you are new to the area, you may not yet be aware that DC residents are unable to govern themselves. Since we don’t have the basic rights of self-determination and self-representation, Congress has the final say on what happens in the District. Our 535 Congressional overseers repeatedly ignore the will of DC residents, leading to disastrous decisions when it comes to women’s’ reproductive rights.

Last year, Congress voted to ban DC Medicaid from covering abortion services, even though the city’s elected officials voted to use its own funds to do so. Our case managers have seen first-hand how this decision has hurt low-income women in DC.

To quote one of our case managers, “Before the ban, it took me 4 hours a week to go through my caseload of women in need of funding assistance for abortion services. After the ban, it takes me 4 hours a night because the need has skyrocketed.”

Here’s where you come in. Please send a picture of yourself with a sign like the ones on the Tumblr site, with “We Are DC” and the city and state where you vote, to [email protected]. It will then be posted on the site and sent along to your members of Congress.We need to let those who can vote know what their voters care about. If you live in DC, you can participate too.

Will you join us in standing with DC women?

Be sure to check out this great op-ed from Kimberly Inez McGuire and Mari Schimmer in RH Reality Check and this statement of support from Delegate Norton. On Twitter? Use the hashtag #WeAreDC. You should probably like our Facebook page too.