Please Help: DCAF Patient Needs $5,600

We need your help today for a DC Abortion Fund patient. Last night, we spoke with Alice*, whose procedure is this weekend. She is $5,600 short of the cost of her care.

She just learned about the pregnancy two days ago, and her Medicaid insurance will not cover an abortion. To add to the complexity, she has been on medicines for several months now that are dangerous to pregnancy. Now, she is traveling from out-of-state to our region and hoping that we’ll be able to get her across the finish line. Can you imagine?

Alice already raised $2000 from a small network of friends and family that support her. We’ve been working feverishly to reach out to several other funds from across the country and are continuing to try to find new sources of funding for her to help with her full cost of $10,500. But, she is still $5,600 short. Alice is running out of options, which is why we need you now.

Please support Alice today, and click here to donate what you canCan we count on you for a gift of $25 or $50 today?

This month has been difficult for many of us. Uncertain times lie ahead. Here is what we do know: Even when the government shuts down or refuses critical care for women in need, DC Abortion Fund remains open. Our volunteer case managers take calls from dozens of patients every day, and we won’t stop as long as you, our DCAF community, continue to support our callers with your time, advocacy, and donations.

Anything you can give, even $5, will make a huge impact for Alice. Please donate today. On her behalf, thank you for your care and consideration.

*Name changed to protect patient’s privacy.

by Val Vilott