National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

Today we remember Dr. David Gunn, a doctor who practiced in Pensacola, Fl. and was assassinated outside his clinic March 10, 1993 because he was an abortion provider.  Although Congress and President Clinton passed the Federal Access to Clinic Entrances Act in 1994, anti-abortion extremists continue to perpetuate severe harassment and violence against providers across the US every year.

We are proud to work with our clinic partners in D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and around the country. DC Abortion Fund salutes the courageous doctors, staff, and clinic escorts who make abortion rights and access possible for our patients.

DC Abortion Fund co-hosted a screening of After Tiller last week in collaboration with the D.C. Office on Women’s Policy. The film follows late abortion providers who worked with Dr. George Tiller, our colleague and a provider who was murdered in Kansas in 2009.  We will never forget him and the important services he provided for patients in Kansas and throughout the US.

We need your help to continue expanding abortion access.  Continue advocating against the Hyde Amendment in our federal budgets.  Be visible in your support for abortion funds and reproductive justice organizations. Lobby your educators and medical professionals to teach abortion care to new providers. Ask your friendly local clinic if they need volunteers, and say hi to their escorts – especially if you bring them coffee and snacks. Work with law enforcement and legal organizations to expand clinic buffer zones and enforce the FACE Act.

We thank you for your work and your support. Women need abortions and we are going to pay for them.