Urgent: DCAF patient needs $3850 this week

June 26, 2014

Dear DCAF supporters,

I need your help. This is a true story.

Imagine it’s early spring, and you are pregnant. You and your partner are excited and ready to parent.

Imagine it’s June 24, and when you visiting your doctor you receive horrific news: your pregnancy is fatally flawed. If you carry to term and deliver, your child will suffer and die soon after. You and your doctors believe ending the pregnancy now is the safest, most compassionate option. They refer you to the closest clinic that will see you, several states away. You have 5 days to find $12,500 for the appointment, plus extra to arrange travel, lodging, and meals. Your insurance will not cover it. You have $300, and don’t have a car or credit cards. You are grieving.

What do you do?

Imagine it’s June 25th, and the clinic tells you abortion funds exist. You don’t speak much English, so your friend calls funds across the East Coast. Several, including DC Abortion Fund, pledge to help, but you are still $3,850 short.  You learn DCAF may be able to help even more if they can get their supporters to chip in.

Today it’s June 26th, and DCAF is committed to funding this patient by tomorrow, June 27th. We cannot do it alone.  We ask you to support her today with a gift of $15, $25 or $50. We have 36 hours to let the clinic and our caller Susan* know what we’ve raised. We will continue to search for more sources of funding. Anything you can give, even $5, will make a huge impact for this patient. Please donate today.  We need your help to know how this story ends.

For equality,

Val Vilott

Board President
DC Abortion Fund

P.S.: Can you help us spread the word? Forward this post to your friends and family. Post your support on Twitter, Facebook, and across your networks. Short URL: http://snipurl.com/dcaf4susanThank you!

P.P.S.: Here is the ending for Susan we hope to see. Imagine it’s July 4th, and you are back home recovering. The DCAF community gave generously and raised $3,850 in time for you to get seen last weekend.  It is difficult, but you will not be alone because hundreds of people have you in their thoughts.

*Name changed for confidentiality at the request of the patient.

Update 6/27: The DCAF community is amazing! Thank you to everyone who donated for Susan this week.  With your help, we’ve met our goal and will let her and the clinic know today. If you would still like to give to DCAF, we will keep your donation for the next patient like Susan. Thank you again!