Case Management: Direct Service from DCAF

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a DC Abortion Fund case manager? These dedicated volunteers work with our patients to make sure they get the abortion care they need.

One case manager, Sarah B.S., shared some of her experiences working the help line and getting to know other volunteers.

Recently, the DC Abortion Fund hosted a happy hour on a Friday evening. Case manager after case manager walked in, introduced themselves and soon after you heard, “Oh you’re [insert name of case manager], thank you so much for that time you helped me!” We’re already a community but it tends to be more of a virtual community. It is not that often that we get to meet in person and actually come together to see the collective hard work and dedication we put into making choice a reality for more women regardless of economic ability.

A week or so after the happy hour came a DCAF in-service training, where we  shared experiences using our case management data system, both the bad and the good. We also got to hear from our liaison at the National Abortion Federation (NAF), which is a much larger professional fund that collaborates with us and our patients. Personally, this was a wonderful way for me to further understand the resource that is NAF. When I became a case manager I jumped right in, sometimes not knowing exactly how to handle every case; that is the beauty and the challenge of an all-volunteer group. Along the way, I learned things piecemeal but hearing about how to interact with NAF in a way that benefits all of us best was truly helpful for my work and created a further foundation for my case management skills.

At the in-service we discussed the world that is Maryland Medicaid, reviewed how to collaborate with other regional abortion funds like ours, and weighed in on future DCAF logistics and events. I’ve been a volunteer with DCAF for almost two years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to attend an in-service. I look forward to growing with this community. Women are not simply women; intersecting identities, whether it be class, race, familial situation, impact one’s ability to access the reproductive health care they need. DCAF is one way that choice is made reality for more women.

By volunteer Sarah B.S., photo by volunteer Rachel L.