Have you joined the Billiards-a-Thon yet? Here’s why you should.

share2Have you joined the DC Abortion Fund’s Billiards-a-Thon yet? There’s still plenty of time to start a team and raise some money to help us hit our goal of $55,000. But if you’re hesitant, why not let one of our fundraisers, Claire, tell you why she’s hustling for us:

When I was invited to join a team for DCAF’s Billiards-a-Thon last year, I felt the conflicting feelings of resolve and dread.

It was awkward and uncomfortable enough to ask my college classmates to donate to our alma mater — a pretty uncontroversial request. How could I possibly ask people to fund abortions? What if I totally fail?

I tried to squash those feelings and focus on the reason why abortion funds like DCAF exist in the first place — because choice is still inaccessible to so many. Many counties in the countrylack an abortion provider, so those with limited resources often have trouble traveling to reach the closest clinic. Worse, moreabortion restrictions were enacted from 2011-13 than in the entire previous decade—and they justkeep oncoming, chipping away at the rights affirmed by Roe v. Wade.

The sad truth is that the poorest in our society suffer the most from restrictions on abortion. My strong belief in social and economic justice not just calls me, but demands me to take real action to right this injustice, not only in my day job but in my free time as well. When I see all-volunteer abortion funds like DCAF filling the gaps in resources available for those who are unable to access the reproductive health care they need, I am inspired — and frankly, relieved. It’s powerful to see members of our community coming together to make sure choice is a reality for women in the DC area.

Bolstered by all of the stories and statistics I see every day at work and in the media, last April I started writing personal emails to my friends and family, highlighting why supporting DCAF is so crucial. And I started tweeting as well. What I discovered was that while the initial ask was intimidating, my friends and family, if asked, believe just as strongly as I do in the work that DCAF does to insuring choice is a reality. Not only did I meet my fundraising goal last year, but I surpassed it!

While the goals, teams, and billiards give a little competitive incentive to fundraising, the bottom line is that DCAF—and abortion funds across the country — need every dollar possible. Though I’ve already reached my personal fundraising goal this year (!), I continue to hustle for DCAF every day until the Billiards-a-Thon. Here are some real numbers on why you should too:

  • $231 DCAF’s average pledge to patients.
  • $337 The average cost of a first-trimester abortion in the DC area.
  • $5,720 The average cost of a later abortion in the DC area.

Has Claire convinced you yet? Then join us, start a team, or just give a donation. We hope to see you on April 26!

Written by volunteer Claire G; image by volunteer Emma C.