Billiards-a-Thon super successful — thanks to you!

BAT THANK YOUA huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the DC Abortion Fund’s annual Billiards-a-Thon last month! In our biggest fundraiser of the year, we were also more successful than ever before: We raised more than $52,000 for our patients – that’s a quarter of DCAF’s annual budget!

We always know that we can count on our supporters, but this year was an especially awe-inspiring. More than 60 of our 90+ billiardists had never hustled for DCAF before. But they believe in the cause, and they were able to raise a huge chunk of money to help abortion patients in need of financial assistance. We are so humbled and so glad that y’all joined the cause.

Of course, the Billiards-a-Thon isn’t all seriousness. It’s also lots of fun. Our event included a highly competitive pool tournament (won handily by a one-woman team!), plenty of prizes, a photo-worthy money pit, and incredible costumes. We saw RBG’s Angels, some Pawnee Goddesses, an homage to Beyoncé’s most feminist moments, and more.

We want to thank Bedrock Billiards for hosting us, Captain Cookie for providing sweet treats, Secret Pleasures, Adam and Eve, and I Heart Guts for donating sweet prizes, and most of all, the incredible teams of volunteers who helped make this event a great success. Thank you, everyone.

If you don’t want to wait for next year to stay involved with DCAF, you can volunteer with us year-round. We’ll see you soon!