Why I DCAF: A case manager’s perspective

6914454974_d13e465177_zThe DC Abortion Fund would not be able to help so many people if it weren’t for our dedicated volunteers! This week, case manager Jenn R tells us what keeps her motivated while working with patients on DCAF’s helpline:

I have the phone again this week.  Well, we don’t pass the phone around anymore, but it’s a simpler way to say I’m case managing this week.  Case management can be a bit of a mixed blessing.  I always take it with a bit of trepidation, and then find it hard to pass it on later in the week.  And yet, I persist.  Why, you ask.  Because of the hope.

In this day and age, the anti-abortion legislation and rhetoric can really drain you of hope.  The number of messages can as well.  There are days that I’d like to put my head back into the sand and pretend it’ll work itself out.  But then I get the phone.

It usually only takes talking to the first woman to really remind me of why this is so important.  The woman who says ‘hello’ is usually upset, worried, and stressed out.  She may have just discovered she was pregnant and this is the first time she’s had a chance to discuss her need with anyone.  She has probably never faced this situation before and doesn’t know what to expect.  

The woman who hangs up… well, it’s the sound of her voice that I so look forward to.  While the stress and the worry are still there, there is something new.  It is the sound of hope, that things will be okay in the end, that there is chance for things to go right for her when everything else has gone wrong.  

And what I’ve come to realize is what I’m really giving out on the phones is hope.

By volunteer Jenn R, image by JD Hancock courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.