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Wondering what’s happening in the feminist blogosphere? No worries—DCAF has you covered.

As the school year begins, students and alumni are talking about what it’s like for LGBT and queer people on college campuses and the particular challenges of being an LGBT or queer student. Huffington Post linked to a video from the Chronicle for Higher Education designed for college faculty and staff.

The recent attacks on Planned Parenthood aren’t new. Molly Redden at Mother Jones outlined a history of conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood’s work dating back to 1979. The videos created by anti-choice groups may represent a new approach, but attacks on women’s reproductive healthcare are nothing original, and our work will continue.

The VMAs are always hype-driven. This year, though, Nicki Minaj added substance when she called out Miley Cyrus for tone policing. Check out Everyday Feminism’s explanation of what tone policing means, why it’s destructive, and how to avoid engaging in it ourselves.

Speaking of feminism and racism, Roxane Gay’s panel discussion with author Erica Jong highlighted the destructive flaws of white feminism. Read coverage of their discussion (and Jong’s missteps) at Refinery29.

You might have heard that Amnesty International recently called for legalizing sex work. And you might also have heard about the backlash from a slew of celebrities and anti-trafficking organizations, not to mention advocates like Gloria Steinem. What’s a feminist to think? Head over to ThinkProgress for an analysis of the arguments in favor of Amnesty’s proposal.

By volunteer Mollie L.