Why I DCAF: Notes from the Helpline Bling with Lisa

I was introduced to DCAF by my good friends Colin and Lindsey (both DCAF board members) after I moved to DC. I volunteered for various organizations throughout college and grad school, so it seemed like a great way to become more involved in both the DC community and the reproductive justice movement.
Like most case managers, I’ve always identified as a feminist and have been a strong supporter of women’s rights, especially reproductive rights. Case managing for DCAF gave me a concrete way to put that belief into direct action to help women in my community.
Nothing is more rewarding than the sound of a patient’s voice when I tell her we can help or the deep thanks from a mom worried about her young daughter’s future. While there are occasional frustrations while case managing, I know they never even come close to the challenges faced by my patients. Even when my life outside of DCAF is busy or stressful, it’s comforting to set aside a few evenings at home and do my small part to make a difference in someone else’s life.
While I’ve always tried to keep myself up to date on news and political issues, working with DCAF has made me more aware about the current fights against reproductive rights and access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare. It has also broadened and strengthened my views on the connections between reproductive justice and racial justice, economic justice, and even issues like DC statehood. The work of DCAF has an impact far beyond simply making sure a patient has the financial means to access to safe healthcare.
By volunteer Lisa W.