Urgent: Patient with Appointment Monday Needs Your Help

3/1/2016 Update: Jackie got the care she needed this week because of you. Nineteen abortion funds across the country pledged to the clinic on her behalf. Thank you for your incredible support! 

2/28/2016: After Jackie* and her parents arrive in Maryland, they will have spent 22 hours driving 1,200 miles in the hopes she can get the abortion she desperately needs. This will be the final leg in a tortured journey that began with date rape and is now ending six states away at one of the few clinics that can help her.

Jackie’s appointment is on Monday. Please help us cover the cost.

Jackie and her parents have done all they can to come up with the money. Her aunts and friends have pitched in. She still needs more – $6,109 – and DC Abortion Fund is committed to helping her. With your support, we can help Jackie end this nightmare of scrambling for funds and assistance and get back home.

Jackie isn’t just the victim of a date rape. She is the victim of a system that refuses to help women in her situation. She lives in a state with so many abortion restrictions she resorted to trying to self-abort. Now she is forced to leave home to get the care she needs. Insurance isn’t helping. None of the social safety nets we have are helping. Jackie’s fate is now in the hands of strangers.

It’s up to us to help her. Please give $10, $25, $50 – whatever you can – to help Jackie.

She deserves better than this. She deserves full and compassionate care, which she will finally get in Maryland. We wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t an emergency – eight abortion funds from around the US are working to help her. Jackie and her parents drove across the country in a rented car with no idea whether they will actually be seen. Let’s make sure they get the care they need, and some peace of mind.

Please give whatever you can today.

In solidarity,
Kate and Travis
DCAF Case Management Co-Directors

*The patient’s name has been changed for privacy

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