They Attacked Us. It Didn’t Work.

As you may have heard, the NNAF Bowl-a-Thon site was hacked recently. Details are forthcoming as NNAF continues its investigation, but we can say this: It’s an effort to stop us from helping people access their abortion care. And just like every other attack on those of us who fight to make reproductive choice a reality, it’s not working.

We’re still here and we’re still funding abortion care. And we hope you’ll keep helping us. We’ve set up a new donation page on our website to accept donations as part of the Bowl-a-Thon/Game-a-Thon, so you can still support the event and even make sure your favorite gamer gets credit. Just list their name in the field on the form here.

This attack has served as a reminder of just how toxic the current climate of reproductive health care is. Make no mistake, this attack is not limited to bowling-themed fundraising sites. It’s clinics closing in Texas. It’s Planned Parenthood being defunded in Ohio. They won’t stop – but neither will we. We’re going to keep funding abortions as long as there is someone who needs help.

You can help us by donating today.