A Deep Dive on DCAF’s New Look

DCAF square logoYou may have noticed: The DC Abortion Fund has a fresh new look! Over the past months, we have worked with a design studio called Workhorse to create a new, updated DCAF brand. Volunteer Maggie G interviewed designers TJ and Abe to talk about how we got here.

Hi TJ! How did you first hear about DCAF?

I’ve heard friends in DC talk about wanting to volunteer with DCAF and how DCAF helps the DC community. My first in-person exposure to [them] was at In It Together Fest (IITF).

What made you want to get involved?

After seeing the table setup at IITF, I realized that the lack of a strong brand identity makes it easy for crucial organizations to get overlooked by volunteers and donors, even though these organizations have great missions and goals of helping others. Not all organizations have design resources and the luxury of a marketing budget to create a strong brand identity. At the same time, many organizations (including DCAF) recognize the value of design and the impact it plays on their success. We were particularly interested in how DCAF is entirely volunteer basis and 84 percent of their annual budget goes directly to helping clients.

How do you think the rebrand will help DCAF’s mission?

I think the rebrand will help to add a sense of validity to the organization (in addition to the validity they receive based on the number of people they help every year). The rebrand will help reinvigorate volunteers and activists, as well as potential donors. The new brand will get people talking and remind them of how the organization helps thousands of people annually.

What is your creative process when working with brands?

When working with brands, Workhorse has a multi-phase creative process. Initially we sit with stakeholders, dive deep into background research and work to discover the design problems at hand. We then align our research to provide creative solutions to those challenging problems. What really separates us apart from our competition is our culture, small size, and flat organizational structure.

Is there anything else you’d like DCAF volunteers and supporters to know about Workhorse?

We’re passionate about our work and the work of our clients. We’re passionate about helping causes we believe in, even if it’s not for a large profit.

Have something interesting? Drop us a line, we love making new friends!

By volunteer Maggie G.