In Solidarity with Purvi Patel

Reproductive Justice sign #freepurvi

On July 22, the Indiana Court of Appeals issued its decision to vacate the feticide conviction of Purvi Patel. The DC Abortion Fund is in solidarity with Purvi. No one should fear punishment for trying to access reproductive health care.

We can do better as a society than criminalizing and ostracizing those who seek an abortion. In fact, we should do all we can to make reproductive health care – including abortion – available and accessible. Too often we fail people in this regard, and too often anti-abortion legislation disproportionately impacts low-income people and people of color.

We at the DC Abortion Fund will continue to do all we can to create a world where people have the support and access they need to make the pregnancy decisions that are best for them, without fear or judgment.

photo credit: Charlotte Cooper via Flickr