What We’re Reading This Month

It’s a new month and a new blog, but still we’re facing some of the same anti-abortion nonsense. Trying to stay abreast of all the attacks on reproductive health care can be exhausting. We know persistence and resistance works, which is why we need to do what we can to remain in peak justice-fighting shape! To do so, we need to sometimes focus on self-care and may set aside important reading to prioritize our health. This is why we’ve helped roundup some interesting articles so you can catch up.

So, what’s new with state restrictions you may ask? Not a whole lot, except that states are still trying to misinform and block access to crucial reproductive health. Of note, the Arizona Senate recently passed a new type of TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) law that requires abortion clinics to meet neonatal medical standards. Like many other TRAP laws, this bill ignores the life, autonomy, and rights of the patient who needs an abortion, and instead insists upon medically unsound and unnecessary practices to prioritize an unviable fetus. The Chicago Tribune reports that Montana has moved forward a similar bill in their Senate. In more uplifting news, here is a piece from the Pittsburgh PostGazette reminding readers of the importance of centering women when it comes to their health.

North Carolina introduced House Bill 62 which requires medical professionals to give false information to their patients. Of course, tactics that undermine and confuse the individuals seeking reproductive health care is not new—but abortion rights advocates must continue to counter these attacks. It’s not always bad news: check out this win of a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Florida!

To remain resistant, we must remain inspired! There are so many incredible individuals, coalitions, and organizations fighting for abortion rights. Women on Waves go through particularly epic measures to ensure women have access to reproductive health.

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By volunteer Alicia G.