We Won’t Stay Silent.

We all deserve to feel safe in our communities.

We are heartbroken by the racist events led by white supremacists last weekend in Charlottesville. We’re standing strong in solidarity with the Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund, clinics, and patients in the area.

As an organization, we work hard each day to help patients access the abortion care they need. And we know this fight for reproductive freedom is intrinsically intersectional — issues of economic justice, religion, the environment, criminal justice, immigrants’ rights, racial discrimination, and a host of other concerns directly affect pregnant people and their decisions.

When white supremacists engage in these public displays of hate and violence, it’s critical that we speak out and make it clear that it won’t be tolerated. Now, more than ever, it is unacceptable to remain silent. We encourage you, as a DC Abortion Fund supporter, to speak up against hate at events in the community, and support our work to make abortion access possible for everyone.

by DCAF’s Board of Directors