Kiara* needs your help today.

We need your help! One of our patients is facing a large funding gap.

Kiara* is a 15-year-old who decided she wasn’t ready to become a parent. But when she couldn’t find an abortion provider in her homestate of Georgia to take her, she had to look for other options. Kiara managed to secure an appointment in the DC area today, but she still faces a funding gap of $6,000 to access the care she needs. She has asked friends, family, and other abortion funds across the country for help, but she still faces a large medical bill she and her family cannot afford.

We have committed to making sure Kiara can make her appointment, but we need your help to cover the cost. Can you pitch in $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford?

No one should have to travel hundreds of miles just to face burdensome financial barriers to access abortion care.

Please give whatever you can today.

*Name has been changed for privacy