Roe is under attack, and we’re ready for action.

Just as the need for abortion care is growing, the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, making abortion illegal or inaccessible in roughly half of the country

Even with Roe intact, abortions are still out of reach for so many. Financial, logistical, and social barriers prevent people from getting the abortion care they need. 

This is why DCAF exists. For 27 years, we’ve created pathways to abortion access for our callers. No matter what happens, our mission will not change. Our lines will stay open and we will do what we’ve always done–make sure people can get the abortions they need

The best way to fight back right now is to make a donation to DCAF. And if you can, consider making it monthly. An ongoing, monthly commitment ensures we can show up every single day for those who need us the most. 

DCAF imagines a future where abortion is accessible and available in every community. Join our movement.