A message to our beloved community:

For decades, DCAF’s work was possible because of an amazing group of volunteers. They worked directly with callers to close the gap between what the caller could afford and the cost of their abortion; wrote proposals for grant funding; input, cleaned, and analyzed our data; wrote press releases; drafted tweets; created databases; and more! 

We are so grateful for all our volunteers have done to build DCAF. It’s why we’re here today.

And in 2022, something great happened: DCAF onboarded five full-time, paid staff members to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. This was done to ramp up our ability to fund abortion in D.C., fight the national abortion care crisis post-Dobbs, and keep our vital work truly sustainable.

So things have changed. And with that, so has our volunteer program. 

So many of you reached out wanting to get involved post-Dobbs. And that was amazing! At first, admittedly, we were a little overwhelmed. But we took a few deep breaths and figured out what DCAF needed, what staff needed, and what volunteers needed. 


So, you want to volunteer with DCAF? Here is what it looks like now: 

  1. We still ask you to fill out this volunteer form to share a bit more about who you are, why you want to get involved with DCAF, and to help us vet you. Once you’re vetted, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a training. We’re an abortion fund, so we have to vet every single person who interacts with DCAF. That means we’ll look at your online presence, your professional background, and your tweets or instagram stories (if you have them).
  2. We now do onboarding twice a year: every April and November. So if you fill out the volunteer form in January, you will hear from us in March. 
  3. Every volunteer has to do an introduction to DCAF training. After that, your path depends on what you want to do! 
  4. Choose a path based on the types of volunteers we need:
    1. Case Manager: Work directly with callers!
    2. Data Volunteer: Collect and analyze data to make sure we know who we are serving!
    3. Event Volunteer: Attend public events, sell t-shirts and tote bags, and talk to supporters!


But before you fill out that form…

Like we said, we’re so glad you’re here—but volunteering is a two-way commitment. We are taking the time to vet, train, and onboard you; we ask that you take your commitment seriously and show up when you say you are going to show up. We get it: things come up, people get sick. But when you cancel, it means staff has to scramble to cover your shift and make it work. We are a small but mighty staff of five—please respect our time and effort!

Furthermore, as a DCAF volunteer, you not only have a responsibility to yourself and to us, but to the D.C. community. That’s not something to take lightly!

Below is an estimate of the time commitment for each volunteer path:

  • Case Manager: You will be required to sign up for a shift each month. You have the choice of taking either: (A) Five consecutive days in a row (Mon-Fri or, Tues- Sat), or (B) Four Saturdays in a row.
  • Data Volunteer: There is no minimum requirement, but you will get an email once a month asking you to sign up.
  • Event Volunteer: There is no minimum requirement, but we will email you when we have opportunities and you can sign up when you’re available.

If you’re realizing you don’t have the time to volunteer right now, that’s okay! We still need your support in other ways:  Sign up to be a monthly donor, host a fundraiser, share our content on social media, and/or proudly and publicly talk about your local abortion fund (AKA us). 


Okay, we know that was a lot! We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you in whatever way works for you.