DCAF Holiday Party


Join us to celebrate our incredible community at our annual holiday party!

At our annual holiday party, you can learn more about DCAF’s work, meet the staff, volunteers, and board members who keep DCAF running, and join us in a toast to peace, joy, and abortion access!

When: Wednesday, December 7, 6:00-9:00 PM
Where: metrobar, 640 Rhode Island Ave NE
Dress: metrobar is an indoor/outdoor space, so dress accordingly for the weather in whatever you feel comfortable in! We encourage holiday party attire and comfortable shoes.

For the safety of our staff, volunteers, and guests, we will be checking COVID-19 vaccination cards at the door.

Supporting DCAF

For 27 years, DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) has provided pathways to abortion access for pregnant people in the DC region. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen demand for our services skyrocket. Now with Roe overturned, even more people are coming to DC for their abortion care. DCAF is here, responding to every single caller within 24 hours. There are no eligibility requirements: we listen to our callers and do everything we can to meet their financial need. 

While it is true that we are living through the worst time for abortion rights in the United States since 1973, we all know access to abortion has never been equitable. Financial, logistical, and legal barriers have always existed and for decades, abortion funds have helped callers navigate a cruel and unjust system. We are still here today, fighting for a future where access to abortion isn’t dependent on your income, race, immigration status, gender, or zip code. 

Your donation directly supports DCAF’s work to break down barriers to abortion access for thousands of callers every single year. 

Sponsorship Packages and Individual Tickets are available at multiple levels. Click the link below for full details and options. 

Show your support by securing your spot today! 

 Thank you to our sponsors!

Leadership Circle

Michela Masson

Planned Parenthood Federation of America


DuPont Clinics


Sara Adland   |   Amanda Bartelme   |   Catholics for Choice   |  Dr. Sara L Imershein
National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association   |  Partners in Abortion Care


Friends Who Chat (And Fund Abortions)   |  Friday Night Movie
Julie Huff and John Hannon   |  Anonymous   |  Becky Korman and Lily Korman
Anonymous   |   National Women’s Law Center
Athena Viscusi   |  Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force (WACDTF)
Natale Zimmer and Michael Battaglia


Abortion Wholigans   |  Zachary Aronow and Doris Parfaite-Claude   |  Mary Debree and Ben Kobren
Claire S. Gould and Joe Sprott   |    If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Isotopic Topics LLC   |  Robin Maher and David Fathi   |  Linda Manglass
Mindy and Danny McGrath   |  Planned Parenthood Advocates for DC, Maryland & NoVa
Jenn Rogers & Martyn Oliver   |  Jennifer A. Stoloff   |  Julia Strange
Mark Pipes & Jessi Leigh Swenson   |  Robyn Swirling   |  Joy Levin Welan   |  Ling W & Dan S


ACLU-DC   |  ACM Strategies   |   Advocates for Youth |  Taylor and Kadeem Cooper
Amy Cotton   |   Hannah Duffy   |   Michael Dworken   |   Carrie Engel   |   Ms. Chana Engel
Colin Fleming and Lindsey Wahowiak   |  Katie Anderson Howell   |  Caitlin Gullickson
Lauryn Guttenplan   |  Alison Jones and Todd Moellenkamp   |  Leah Jones
National Council of Jewish Women   |  Chrissy Ndjatou   |   Open Seat  |   Jana Owens
Illysa Schrager   |  Marya Torrez and Michael Farmer   |  Anonymous
Women’s Law and Policy Fellowship


Abortion Care Network   |  Carter Bell   |  Kate Bowers   |  Olivia K. Cappello   |   Megan Conway   |   Allie Federoff   |  Sandi Fox, Smart As A Fox LLC   |  Goldie Gider
Samantha Gilbert   |  Gabriela Hybel   |  Alicia Johnson   |  Anne Kenney   |  Anonymous
Aaron Lemon-Strauss   |  Anonymous   |  Tessa Maulhardt   |  Anonymous   |  Anonymous
Jasmine Newman   |  Caroline O’Shea   |  Ariste Sallas-Brookwell   |  Elizabeth Spotswood
Julia Strasser   |  Deborah Swerdlow

Event Program 

Regularly check this space for speaker and honoree announcements.

Questions? Email alisha@dcabortionfund.org with the subject line “HolPa22 Question”.