DCAF’s spring events all fall under the umbrella of our Fund-a-Thon, happening March 1 – May 31, 2023.

What’s Fund-a-Thon? It’s three months of nonstop, competitive camaraderie between abortion funds to see who can raise the most money in their community. As the abortion fund for our nation’s capital, we’re looking to win, and show everyone come May 31st that abortion access is D.C. As F*ck.

Want to celebrate Fund-a-Thon IRL? Join us at the following events:

Learn more about how to get involved by heading to our Fund-a-Thon page, checking out our Fund-a-Thon toolkit, and making sure to get our updates via emailInstagram, and TikTok.


Join us at a community or DCAF sponsored event. You can find an up to date list of upcoming events here. If you are planning a fundraiser, please email [email protected] so we can add you to the list.

Host a Fundraiser

One of the best ways to support DCAF is to host a fundraiser—and it’s easy!