Board of Directors

Exciting news! We’re looking for two Movement Building Co-Directors to join our board! Check out the role description here and apply today.


Volunteers are essential to our ability to makes grants to pregnant people in the DC area, as well as those traveling to the area, who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. If you’d like to volunteer with DCAF, please complete this brief survey.

If you have any questions, please email volunteer@dcabortionfund.org.

More Ways to Get Involved

If you want to find out how to support DCAF beyond volunteering, such as finding out about events and fundraisers, sign up here to get monthly updates

Want to host a fundraising happy hour or benefit? We have a toolkit to get you started. There is also a brief guide to alternative donation methods.

We also invite you to share your abortion stories with us.

Questions? Email us! volunteer@dcabortionfund.org.